It’s The Holidays, Stupid! Time to Declutter Your Home


Most of us leave our home to become disorganized by our daily business and lifestyle. Even in the work-from-home reality of nowadays, not a lot of people enjoy cleaning and organizing their home. This book provides the psychology and socio-economic approach to decluttering to make your home the one you always want it to be.



The holidays provide us an opportunity to bring newness to our home. We have spent the whole year adding stuffs and now, we potentially have debris around the house. Our guests need to see us in a better environment and children and adults may even tip and get injured if care is not taken. This book presents the psychological and emotionally side of decluttering, as well as the benefits and the how. Information is provided on how to find external help with suggestions on how much it may cost depending on your location.
Beyond the holidays, the book also attempts to encourage decluttering any time of the year. If you are able to do it yourself, enjoy it as a fun act. If for reasons you need outside services, the author provides some suggestions on resources available to you.


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